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Author Topic: Helmets on closeout sale -buyer beware- (mini tips)  (Read 423 times)
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« on: June 27, 2019, 02:26:44 PM »

Recently, I have read on anther motorcycle forum about the story of purchasing a helmet on closeout sale,
and receiving the helmet being 8 years old.
Keep in mind that this is an extreme case.
I usually see / hear people complaining when they receive “2.5 - 3 years from the manufactured date” helmets.

I already posted about the truth of “replacing helmet after 5 years” story on the link below,
so I’m not going to repeat about that.
If you want to know more about the time frame for helmet replacement, read the linked page.


Now, the “8 years old helmet sold as brand new” story is interesting because the helmet in question was purchase from
one of the most popular online retailer, Revzilla.

Even though motorcycle helmets have no “sell-by date”, nobody wants to get a brand new helmet THAT old.

Very simple and easy thing to do is, when purchasing the helmet, either from the local store or online,
check the manufactured date.
Don’t blindingly trust the vendor.


Helmets go on sale after sitting in the inventory for 2 -3 seasons.
Or, when they become discontinued.
Everyone knows that, everyone can easily guess about that.

Now, you have to understand that, sometimes, even relatively newer models go on sale, for a good reason.

Schuberth C4 is such an example.

Because of the naming “C4”, everyone thought this was the successor of highly regarded (and well engineered / built) C3 and C3 Pro.
Well, it was not.

C4 was the result of a BMW Motorrad design that was supposed to be manufactured by Schuberth for BMW brand.
 However, BMW pulled the plug and went to LS2 (read as made in China),  instead.
So, Schuberth was left with an almost production ready helmet that’s not going to go anywhere.

BMW System 7 helmet, proudly made in China by LS2

C4 was a problem child from the day one.
It was brought into production with quality control issues and problems with visors, interiors and neck straps, which is why within 24 months it has been replaced with the new C4Pro (comms equipped) & C4 Basic (non comms equipped).

C4 Pro

C4 Basic

Both C4 Pro and C4 Basic share a new, better quality interior, and numerous other improvements.
Again, the naming is confusing buyers. People assume the original C4 and new C4 basic are the same helmet .... they are  NOT.

And, you should think, why C3 Pro is still in production after they (Schuberth) released C4, C4 Pro, and C4 Basic.
You will find A LOT of C4 (the original) on close out sale.
Now you know why.

C4 is nowhere near the traditional Schuberth’s build quality.
And Scuberth , all the major distributors know that.
They are just trying to flush out their stock.
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« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2019, 12:16:20 PM »

i got a shoei rf1200 with a good date on sale because the graphics were changing

IMHO the five years thing on helmets that have not ever been worn is suspect
oils from your hair and scalp will indeed start the expiry date count down
heat, sunlight, exposure to other environmental conditions will also start the count down
and just completley forget about any unboxed helmet on the shelf
but considering the world is burried under plastic, the ocean is full of plastic and the winds blow plastic about, I strongly doubt that a new, well stored helmet will fail on day 1826.
if it was milk I am going to pass but in all likelihood if you really need a helmet at 100% then the tree you just slammed into is kill ya.  nevermind the date but do get one that fits.
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« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2019, 05:13:27 PM »

Generaly tracks enforce the five year rule, as they should.  Reality is, for street use my opinion, for what it is worth, is in line with what you say convict.  Safety standards often tend to be based on worse case scenarios.  I had a 7 year old  Arai that  lost a part.   The part  was not available for purchase.  I called Arai and they said send it in for free repair.  They were  doing this for helmets up to, as I remember, 9 years depenant on condition.  This was my "Sunday best" helmet, stored in the house and  not worn daily.   My daily commuter, 5 years would be enough.

As far as plastic in the ocean goes, old helmets make great hanging flower pots waytogo

2004 M1000 S
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