Ducati Music


Here's a distracting new direction to explore....  The Italians seem very adept at turning gasoline in to music!...... This is hard to do correctly.  Some manufacturers seem to be working toward screeching, heavy metal rock, some toward supercharged clarinets, some seem to avoid to topic altogether by making hu....mms instead of music.  ....etc. 

I used to wonder how the Italians did their basso-profundo magic and what they used for inspiration.  Recently, I stumbled upon a likely source of their inspiration. 

Turn on your computer speakers ....and try these links to see if you can hear ....Ducati.... in any of these musical refrains.....   ;D 

B-17G Nine-0-Nine Engine Start-Up
cl-215 radial 18 cyl startup!

109E4 Startup

Do you like #1, 2, or 3.... or do you have a better offering to present?    [clap]

Aaah - the sound of music  [thumbsup] (not the movie)

Call me biased....I'm with the  Messerschmitt Me 109

B-17 has always been one of my favorite plans. They're just too cool.

I gotta go with the CL radial.  That thing sounds like hell in a can!!


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