DDA + 696?

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The 696 and 1100 use a different part number DDA. I assume because the ECU is made by a different manufacturer than the ECU used in the 1098, Hyper, etc...

Thanks for the tips, everyone...I've definitely tried all the combinations of activation/disconnection/turning off I can think of between the instrument panel and the DDA itself. Either I'm missing something obvious, or the DDA I have will not work with the 696.

Here's the sequence I *think* should work (which doesn't):

1. Start bike, scroll instrument to the DDA activation screen.
2. Turn DDA to ON per the manual (with the DDA plugged in, of course).
3. Scroll down to LAP, activate LAP recording.
4. Start riding bike, use the brights switch to start timing lap.
5. Stop lap timing with the same brights switch.
6. Stop riding the bike, before turning bike off, turn LAP off, turn DDA off.
7. Turn bike off, disconnect DDA.

I've tried to change up the sequence in which I turn LAP/DDA off/on (step 6) in every combination I can think of, none of which puts any kind of data on the DDA.  :-\

Beer and doughnuts to whoever can tell me they've used a DDA on their 696 and the exact way they got it to work!  ;D


Quote from: causeofkaos on December 03, 2008, 12:40:44 PM

but seriously... isnt the usb thingy under the seat the DDA ?
or is it just a diagnostics tool for a mechanic??

And yes, the connector under the seat is for the DDA.  ;)


Hum, I did a little more looking and PN 28620401A is said to fit the following models by Arco (dealer software from Ducati):

Hyper, 1098, 1098S, 1098R, 848 and Monster 696.

But according to the 2009 Ducati catalog and ducati.com the 696 uses a different part number for the DDA, PN 28620421A (the same as the Monster 1100).

My thinking says Arco is incorrect and that the following part numbers work for the following bikes.

28620401A: Hyper, 1098, 1098S, 1098R and 848 (all Marelli ECU)
28620421A: 696 and 1100 Monster (all Seimens ECU)

I think you have the wrong DDA and that is why it isn't working... since you have PN 28620401A. I just sent Ducati an email asking them to clarify fitment.

I'll let you know what I hear back.

Awesome! Thanks for looking into this. It certainly sounds like that's what's going on...

If that's indeed the case, I've got a cheap DDA to sell! :)



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