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July 28, 2015, 05:15:08 AM *
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* Lion's Grip's 2011 Monster 696

I got my Monster as my first street bike. After I survived my first year in law school I started thinking about getting a motorcycle as a reward, but didn't have the money. That summer my father passed away unexpectedly and left me with just enough money to get a Monster. Me and him didn't have a very close relationship and I only met him about a dozen times. He was a Harley rider, so I thought that getting a motorcycle would be a nice way to remember him.

Mods so far:
  • Full Remus Exhaust
  • PowerCommander PCIII USB with custom map
  • Custom paint design (not the best but it was my first time doing it, so some imperfections)
  • Termi exhaust (ceramic coated full exhaust)
  • Tail chop
  • Motodynamic integrated tail light
  • Tech spec tank protector
  • Ducati carbon fiber tank protector
  • Rizoma lux grips
  • Rizoma naked mirrors
  • Rizoma bar ends
  • Powder coated head light cover
  • Rizoma Shape engine guards
  • Rizoma front and rear wheel guards
  • Rizoma action turn signals
  • Red Monster rim stickers
  • iPhone 6 water proof case
  • iPhone blue led charging cable
  • Ducati racing ecu and air filter
Mods coming this season:
  • Ducabike clear engine cover
  • Either a Evr slipper clutch or Ducabike gold pressure plate with black spring caps.
  • Barnett clutch plates
  • Superlite 15 t front sprocket
  • Supersprox stealth 43t sprocket
  • D.I.D. Chain
  • Oberon 29mm clutch slave
  • Speedymoto belt covers
  • Rizoma rearsets
  • Rizoma feel levers
  • Woodcraft clipons
  • DP low seat
  • removing emission canister and install carbon fiber covers
  • Rizoma rear brake reservoir
  • Changing paint scheme from red to gold

I put 11k on it in under two years and ride as often as I can. Thanks for looking

* jjk stuff's M795

I bought my Ducati Monster 795 after being a hardcore Harley guy in LA for five years. Taking my Harley with me when I moved to Asia wasn't an option so I sold it and moved to Bangkok. A fellow Harley friend here said he was selling his Harley and getting a Ducati, a bike that has always been on my list along with Triumph of bikes I wanted to own.

So, after seeing his we went to the Ducati dealer and within a week I had my Monster 795. I drove it directly from the dealer to a friend's shop. The first thing was to get rid of the only color option, red, and change to matte black. Then they finished the following: Painted brake calipers Termignoni slip on exhaust Dropped/flipped matte black powder coated bars and risers Adjustable levers Ducati logo resevoir covers Drop down mirrors Powder coated headlight assembly, passenger peg mounts, heat shields Wrapped forks Chopped tail Aluminum pegs Removed windscreen

I'm going for the cafe racer look so after changing the handlebars and mirrors, the seat just didn't look right. So, I searched and searched and couldn't find a cafe racer seat cowl that bolted directly on and off like the stock cowl. I saw tons of Honda or Yamaha plastic and aluminum pans, but nothing that needed no modification to put on. So, I made a prototype and took it to a friends shop where we worked on a mold and from that the cafe racer rear seat cowl that uses the existing two bolts to mount on the seat was born. That was the last thing I needed for the Monster to be just about complete. I'm getting a few more little bolt ons like frame sliders and clutch cover but it's 90-95% done now. I hope you like it! Kevin.

* Bike of the Moment Baby - Cellis' S2R1K

This is Celli's second Monster. The first was a M-1000 Dark. Before the Ducatis he rode a couple of Japanese bikes, a 1952 BMW and some Harleys.

Celli's Monster came out of its crate brand new in 2006 as an S2R-1000 and even before the first ride, Celli started the modifications.

What he likes about the Monster is its beautiful basic design, the nakedness in combination with Italian flavor. He says: “All Monsters look great. New straight from the shop, up to completely modified”. Celli is an artist and makes his living with painting on canvas. On his website you can see his paintings as well as the evolution of his Ducati.

What he wanted to do was to change his Monster into an even more naked bike (Nuda) in combination with high-tech elements (Lights, wheels, carbon-fiber, etc.) and nostalgic themes (Short tail, clip-ons, no front fender, coloured forks, taped handles, old fuelcap etc.). All covered with an Italian sauce. And he wanted to do the cosmetic changes by himself. That's why many parts were custom-made by him. The biggest reason he chose the S2R was the beautiful swingarm. His Monster couldn't escape from his creativity and was transformed in a double prizewinning "Ducreation".

You can split his modifications in two parts: Aesthetic and technical tuning.


  • DP carbon front fender, modified to a minimalist style.
  • Extra carbon front fender, a hidden, custom-made unit.
  • Carbon rear fender modified and custom-made.
  • Headlights. Lamborghini.
  • Headlight-unit. Custom carbon-fiber.
  • LED- taillight.
  • Rizoma LED turnsignals.
  • Rizoma license plate light.
  • License plate, taillight and seat combined into one custom unit.
  • Carbon aerodynamic fairing. Adjustable custom part.
  • Rizoma grips, wrapped in textile tape.
  • Rizoma bar-end weights.
  • CRG bar-end mirrors.
  • Rizoma brake- and clutch fluid reservoirs.
  • Red ring gauge cluster, custom-made.
  • DP carbon dash cover.
  • Tie-wraps replaced by custom-made red belts with stainless buckles.
  • Carbon heel-protectors, custom.
  • Shortened frame.
  • Forks in red. Coloring with tape.
  • Swingarm in black powdercoat.
  • Brakes in black powdercoat.
  • Several small carbon parts. Custom-made.
  • Several small aluminium parts.
  • DP carbon air intakes for rear cylinder.
  • Small carbon air intakes. Custom-made.
  • RCM racing fuelcap added with old Ducati Bologna fillercap. Custom-made.
  • Black striping on fueltank.
  • Carbon tankpad. Custom-made.
  • Tank protection underneath fuel tank
  • DP carbon bellypan. Modified.
  • Carbon chainguard.
  • Chain in black with gold and red. Custom-made.
  • DP carbon sprocketcover. Modified.
  • RCM aluminium inspection cover.
  • RCM oilcap.
  • BikeDesign frame protectors.
  • Carbon belt-covers. Minimalized custom parts.
  • LSL Rearsets.


  • 14 tooth sprocket.
  • Iridium sparkplugs.
  • TPO velocity stacks + POD-filters (K&N).
  • K&N filter + RCM crankcase breather.
  • Quat-D Exbox exhaust. Modified.
  • Ohlins rear shock. Fully adjustable with carbon rear shock cover.
  • RoadRacing clutch cover.
  • Rizoma clutch pressure-plate.
  • Bitubo-Italia steering damper.
  • Fork adjusters.
  • Wheels: BST-Blackstone carbon. Rear: 6.0".
  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Power 2CTs. Rear: 190/50-17.
  • Galfer wave-rotors.
  • CycleCat clip-ons.
  • Pazzo-Racing short brake- and clutch levers.
  • Chain-oiling system.
  • RCM- clutch slave cylinder.
  • Big air intake for cooling stuff under the seat. Custom-made.
  • DP ECU.

One of the most exciting things was extreme tailchop to change the bike into a "roadster". Most difficult was to make the seat -shorter, higher and flatter- with an integrated LED-taillight and to clean everything up so it looks as good in front of you as under the seat. Like it's a streetbike (Stradale) special, that came straight from the Italian factory. It was a big challenge to wrap the leather skin over the short seat. After 3500 miles it still looks new.

Also a challenge: the headlights, the rear-fender and the big airduct on the left, to cool off all the stuff under the seat. The carbon windsplitter was a challenge too.

The carbon rims are from BST-Blackstone South Africa. The bike turns corners more quickly due to the wheels. The headlights say Lamborghini Italia. Celli bought them at a bike show. The carbon unit for these headlights is custom-made.

The exhaust is from Quat-D Italia, and is modified by color and added with two copper elements to match the headlights.

Due to the enormous amount of aluminum and carbon-fiber, the wheels, the extreme tailchop and the low and short exhaust, the bike is very light (Superleggera) and rides like a dream. The sound, due to the combination of exhaust, open clutch and Pod-filters is hilarious. The bike is still under construction. Celli is also busy with a new headlight-project for this bike and a modular passenger seat-system (Mono-, biposto) so his wife can join him on his rides. She supports his hobby and is, like Celli, a big car and bike fan.

Every time he rides his Monster, the corners of his mouth, due to the looks, the sound and the performance, go north (= up).

The sound from the clutch, the POD-filters and the exhaust. The whole riding-experience. I enjoy it so much and it makes me happy.

It's all emotion, that is what it is.

It's pure emotion.

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