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January 19, 2021, 07:03:14 PM *
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* Lion's Grip's 2011 Monster 696

I got my Monster as my first street bike. After I survived my first year in law school I started thinking about getting a motorcycle as a reward, but didn't have the money. That summer my father passed away unexpectedly and left me with just enough money to get a Monster. Me and him didn't have a very close relationship and I only met him about a dozen times. He was a Harley rider, so I thought that getting a motorcycle would be a nice way to remember him.

Mods so far:
  • Full Remus Exhaust
  • PowerCommander PCIII USB with custom map
  • Custom paint design (not the best but it was my first time doing it, so some imperfections)
  • Termi exhaust (ceramic coated full exhaust)
  • Tail chop
  • Motodynamic integrated tail light
  • Tech spec tank protector
  • Ducati carbon fiber tank protector
  • Rizoma lux grips
  • Rizoma naked mirrors
  • Rizoma bar ends
  • Powder coated head light cover
  • Rizoma Shape engine guards
  • Rizoma front and rear wheel guards
  • Rizoma action turn signals
  • Red Monster rim stickers
  • iPhone 6 water proof case
  • iPhone blue led charging cable
  • Ducati racing ecu and air filter
Mods coming this season:
  • Ducabike clear engine cover
  • Either a Evr slipper clutch or Ducabike gold pressure plate with black spring caps.
  • Barnett clutch plates
  • Superlite 15 t front sprocket
  • Supersprox stealth 43t sprocket
  • D.I.D. Chain
  • Oberon 29mm clutch slave
  • Speedymoto belt covers
  • Rizoma rearsets
  • Rizoma feel levers
  • Woodcraft clipons
  • DP low seat
  • removing emission canister and install carbon fiber covers
  • Rizoma rear brake reservoir
  • Changing paint scheme from red to gold

I put 11k on it in under two years and ride as often as I can. Thanks for looking

* Stopintime's Red S2R 800

People of the DMF – greetings

My Monster came into my life late 2007. I needed to be passionate about something. I always had Ducati in the back of my mind, but out of my league – so I thought. Checking the price tag, I realized it was kind of within my budget. So, I bought a demo S2R 800 and put it straight into winter storage.


Changing some small bits

Waiting for spring I started getting curious about the brand, heritage and riders fellowship. I realized I had bought much more than just a good looking bike and was soon guided to the DML – expensive move! My Monster already had the Termignoni slip ons, but it became obvious that this alone wasn’t going to satisfy me. Mod virus found an easy victim – oh my I’m easy.


Mods worth mentioning.

This winter I had my suspension upgraded – the S2R 800 really needs work. I have a good WP shock, linear springs and new fork internals. I’m enjoying my rides and track days and have been able to take my skills to the next level, much thanks to the suspension. Clip ons did what I expected and more. The body position, the wrist angle and the loose elbows are all welcome changes. I have the wonderful CycleCat rearsets already, so the leaning forward/work the core/grip the tank routine feels like a natural progression. Safety and some peace of mind was and is always on my list – proper gear, a good alarm system, flashing LED brake light, mirrors which actually show what’s behind me and scary loud dual horns has proven to be healthy investments.


More than a bike

My story isn’t unique, my bike isn’t very special and I don’t have much knowledge to share, but I do my best to learn and to pass along whatever small pieces of advice I can come up with. The people of the DML/DMF have been very good to me and I will keep on trying to pay back the support, friendly attitude and inspiration. Your ideas and advice have cost me a few $$, but the experience have also doubled the value of my ownership. It’s been fun sharing my story and bike – hope you weren’t bored. Please stay awake, concentrated and safe out there.

Thank you all for a continuing great time on the DMF – see you soon.


* Bike of the Moment Baby - BP's Tostapane

Hi... my name is Joel, aka bobspapa. This is my bike. Her name is Tostapane.

I’m a dork, a loser, a wash out, failure…. and I’ve never been more grateful, or happy in my life.

Ya see, a few years ago, I bought myself a monster. Three months later, I totaled said monster. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Crashing the s2r set off a chain of events that to this very day still make we wonder why I’m so lucky.

Crash bike... meet DML’rs (soon to be DMF’rs)... become inspired to ride again... buy another monster... sell said monster... get married... receive the mostest, bestest, coolest monster ever. (and an awesome honeymoon ta boot)

The bike is... love... friendship... family... and cool as shit


You mix a 96 750 engine, a 2000 900 frame, and bits and pieces donated from all over the globe... and voila... instant cool.

The bike is... love... friendship... family... and cool as shit

I ride it... I stare at it... I take pics of it... and... I am humbled by it.

It makes me smile... it makes me cry... and I will forever be thankful to all of you for it.

This bike is the DMF.

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